4 weeks ago

10 Most Expensive and 10 Most Affordable Housing Markets

The U.S. housing market may be in a recovery after a long decline but the difference in price between the most expensive and affordable regions remains as stark as ever.

The city with the most expensive average listing price was Los Altos, read more...

4 months ago

California Home Prices Rise By More Than 30 Percent In June

California housing prices increased by more than 30 percent in June, with inventory rising slightly in what is considered an encouraging sign for the market, a trade association said Tuesday.

Last month, the median price of a previously own read more...

4 months ago

​Here's the average home price in America's priciest town

Silicon Valley isn't only home to some of the country's top innovators. It's also home to the nation's priciest real estate.

The most expensive market for buying a home is Los Altos, California, where the average listing price is $1.96 mill read more...

5 months ago

Here Are The 10 Cheapest Housing Markets In America

This may sound hard to believe, but it is still possible to buy a bargain house in the United States today. You may need to be willing to relocate to Detroit or Cleveland, however.

Those cities are among the locales with the cheapest homes read more...

6 months ago

California lawmakers pass rape bill inspired by Stanford case

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - California lawmakers, responding to outrage over the six-month jail term given to a former Stanford University swimmer after his conviction for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman, passed legislation on Monday closing read more...

6 months ago

California a Hot Real Estate Market for RealtyShares Crowdfunding Investors


the online marketplace for real estate investing that connects

accredited and institutional investors to real estate investment

opportunities, today released data on crowdfundin

7 months ago

Real estate agent reportedly lets in jewel thieves during open house; $150,000 in loot stolen